we are an independent

Wind Energy Advisory


ProPlanEn conducts research and development to further the availability of clean, affordable and predictable wind power.


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver solutions to current industry challenges. We support our clients with capacity building, software tools and advice while providing technical assistance throughout the entire project lifecycle. With decades of experience, we are committed to providing first class independent advisory services and products.


Gain insight

Gain insight through feasibility studies and global market intelligence reports.

benefit from training courses

Enable your team to grow and use their full potential.

avoid pitfalls

Use know-how to avoid pitfalls and expensive experiments.

improve model accuracy

Improve the accuracy of your expected wind resource and wind farm energy yield.

assess & improve

Assess and improve the performance of your assets.

your project

Accelerate your project pipeline by using our tailor-made tools.

add value to your project

Add value to your project with a report from an independent technical advisor.

get independent advice

Get independent advice and know-how for your investment decision.

increase profitability

Increase profitability and efficiency by using our products and services.


Faster than real-time wind farm flow simulation, for optimised operational control. WakeBlaster delivers cost effective, faster than real-time, yet accurate modelling of even the largest wind farms.

Research & development

We carry out industrial research and development for collaborative research projects, delivering solutions to current industry challenges.

Independent expert advice

We observe strict independence and do not take an equity stake in any project. This allows us to deliver unbiased and confidential advice.

Software for engineers  

We provide our clients with the high-quality tools they need. These software tools allow our clients to leverage decades of experience.